ORU College of Nursing obtains $50,000 grant from foundation

By Natasha Mitchell ('94)

The Anna Vaughn College of Nursing at Oral Roberts University has received a $50,000 grant from Oklahoma City-based Butterfield Memorial Foundation. The funds are to be distributed over a two-year period. Scholarships will be awarded to junior and senior nursing students.

Dr. Kenda Jezek, professor and dean of the College of Nursing, said this was the second year the department applied for funding from the foundation.

"It is really true that 'If at first you don't succeed, try again!'" she said. "I am very pleased that the foundation chose to award scholarships for ORU nursing students. Our students deserve all the financial help they can get."

John F. Martin, program officer at Butterfield Memorial Foundation, said the foundation was impressed with the quality of ORU's nursing program.

"As the foundation fulfills the century-old Deaconess Hospital legacy of supporting the health needs of the medically vulnerable, we remain focused on raising up Christians to fill health care provider roles," he said. "Scholarship support for nursing students in Oklahoma has been a part of that, and we were impressed with the quality of the ORU College of Nursing and the effectiveness of its program. Nursing students at the Anna Vaughn College of Nursing receive a world-class education, and that became clear throughout the application process."

For more information on the Anna Vaughn College of Nursing at ORU, go to http://www.oru.edu/academics/avcon/. For more information on nursing scholarships, go to Interactive Support Center at http://faq.oru.edu.

About Butterfield Memorial Foundation

Butterfield Memorial Foundation was created in 2005, subsequent to the sale of Deaconess Hospital to a national healthcare corporation. The foundation remains active in Central Oklahoma, fulfilling the century-old Deaconess Hospital legacy of advocating for health needs of the underserved in our community. In concert with the Free Methodist Church of North America, the mission is now being fulfilled through a primary emphasis on direct access to free medical care as it is provided by Christian non-profits. Training in the delivery of Christian nursing care as a contributor to community health remains a strong priority of the foundation. To read more about the foundation's mission, activities, and the Deaconess Hospital legacy, go to www.butterfieldfoundation.org.