Prayer Tower Observation Level Re-Opens

The Oral Roberts University (ORU) Prayer Tower Observation Level is being re-opened. It has been closed since November 2010 for renovations. The improvements are part of the ongoing beautification and restoration process for the campus.

Renovations to the tower were completed to encourage a greater emphasis on public prayer. A small chapel was constructed within the Observation Level. Other additions include four rooms that small and large groups of people can use to meet and pray in together. Each of the prayer rooms are named after champions of the Christian faith, such as E.M. Bounds, John Wesley, Richard Foster, and Oswald Chambers.

ORU's First Lady, Allison Rutland, was tapped to direct the renovations to the observation level.

"We used scriptures and quotes to keep it very serene and simple," said Mrs. Rutland, who was in charge of decoration, furnishing, and creating an ambience on the Observation Level. "We had people send prayer scriptures they liked and we went through dozens of scriptures and quotes. I wanted the scriptures to be concise and get people's attention about prayer."

In addition to the prayer rooms and the chapel, the new Observation Level of the Prayer Tower has been established as a walkthrough with seven different "Portals" , where Chancellor Oral Roberts guides the visitor to hearing the voice of the Lord, as excerpted from his final book, "The Ultimate Voice" .

Regular visiting hours for the public are from noon to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Saturday.