Staying Fit in Winter: Pointers on Staying in Shape in Colder Weather

Dr. Fritz Huber

By Jackie Collins
ORU Oracle

Finding the motivation to stay active in the cold season can be a challenge.

With some helpful hints, Dr. Fritz Huber challenges students to keep moving during the winter months.

Huber, chairman of the HPER department at ORU, says that he has been an athlete ever since he was 10 years old, and has also coached a variety of sports.

"Fitness is important because here at ORU we are trying to hear the voice of God and be able to go into every person's world and do what God wants us to do; to accomplish those types of high callings it requires us to be healthy and fit," said Huber.

Working out can be tough, and working out in the winter months can be even more difficult.

Finding the motivation to continue physical activities, during holiday food festivals and gray snowy days, can sometimes give way to the cold winter blues.

Many people who do have a desire to stay fit year round may find that it's not always easy trying to figure out what is the best course of action, during the cold season.

Dr. Fritz Huber runs on the AC track. Photo by Michele Zamecnik

The Mayo Clinic recommends simple steps that can be used indoors to help keep you fit.

Taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator, participating in a sports activity, or joining an exercise group can be a great way to have fun and keep fit.

You can also participate in indoor cycling clubs, go swimming, jump on a treadmill or trampoline, put in an exercise DVD, or turn on some music and dance.

D. Huber states that for someone who is just beginning, walking can add great benefits to their health.

"They can start off by just walking 10 minutes then increase to 30 minutes per session. Walking is pretty easy and anybody can do it just about anywhere," said Huber.

He also recommends covering the mouth and nose area, in cold weather, for those who suffer with asthma.

Scott Becker, a freshman, who also has asthma, works out year round. He knows the importance of taking care of his health.

"During the winter, people don't exercise, and muscles can grow weak. When summertime comes back around, you're really unfit and it can take a long time to get back into it. During the winter, I run and do a lot of swimming to stay fit."

When working out, regardless of your fitness level, reaching your target heart rate is very important for overall fitness health.

"You will get benefits by staying in the 60-90 percent target heart rate range. Aerobics are important because it develops the cardio respiratory system that deals with the heart and lungs. Obviously if you don't have a good heart you're not going to live very long or be able to do many things," said Huber.

Huber also suggests adding resistance training twice a week along with other workout activities and drinking plenty of water.

Huber states even during the winter months, to get healthy benefits "working out doesn't have to be extreme, just consistent."