New and Improved Chemistry Labs Open

After 40 years of use, the two original general chemistry labs have received a complete remodel. The first lab was finished spring 2010 and the second one will be complete this fall.ORU Chemistry Lab

"It's great and the students love it," said Catherine Klehm, associate professor of chemistry. "It is state of the art and extremely safe."

With the combination of computer technology and chemistry, these labs are considered state of the art. Computers at each station will record and graph data for some experiments while the students are working.

The labs will be able to accommodate two full classes at the same time which the older labs were unable to do. They include safety features that allow the lecture classes to take place inside the lab room, this way professors can demonstrate what they are teaching in a safe way. Some of the safety features include new safety showers, eyewash stations, fire blankets and convenient first aid kits. Along with regular sinks, these labs feature deionized water faucets at each station.