Agreement Signed Between ORU, VBI and VWMTC

Signing of Articulation Agreement between ORU and VBIOral Roberts University (ORU) signed an articulation agreement with Victory Bible Institute (VBI) and Victory World Missions Training Center (VWMTC) on May 10, 2010 during VBI's chapel service.

ORU President Mark Rutland and Victory Christian Center Pastor Sharon Daugherty signed the articulation agreement to allow credits from VBI and VWMTC to receive maximum transfer toward an ORU bachelor's degree.

Under the current course matrix, VBI offers 18 credit hours transferable to ORU and VWMTC offers 15 credit hours. Credits will only transfer if the grade is a "C" or better. After transferring, the final 30 semester hours of a baccalaureate degree program, including six hours in a major field and a senior thesis, must be taken at ORU.

This agreement promises better communication between ORU, VBI and VWMTC. Transfer and admission policies will be updated regularly to ensure that correct information is readily available to VBI and VWMTC students. ORU will also waive the application fee for students who have completed a VBI or VWMTC program.

VBI and VWMTC faculty will also benefit from the articulation agreement. Up to five faculty members from both schools may receive a 25 percent discount in an ORU master's program at one time. Also at least three faculty members at a time can receive a 25 percent discount in an ORU doctoral program offered by the College of Theology and Ministry.