Student Association Kicks Off the Semester

Friday, Aug. 21 more than 500 students rushed to attend Partiestival by Lake Evelyn and the Gazebo. Word had circulated around campus that free T-shirts would be given away, and within the first hour all 500 Partiestival T-shirts were snatched up. There was much excitement and laughter as students dunked Student Association members in the dunking tank and a water balloon fight was started between girls and guys.

"I really enjoyed the girls-versus-guys water balloon fight," said Mariel Pohlman, Student Association team leader. "We made over 1,000 water balloons, so the game lasted a really long time, and the girls were judged the official winners. Also, I think it's safe to say that no one will ever forget the 250-foot downhill slip 'n slide."

Live bands played during the festivities, adding to the party atmosphere. "It seemed like a lot of people were having fun," junior Mass Media Institute student Chuck Fowler said. "I really enjoyed Donnie Fite, Brandon Patterson, and Nate Seagraves' music at the end of the concert."

Partiestival is just one of the many events that Student Association will be holding throughout the year. To see their upcoming events go to