Longtime ORU Theology Faculty Member and Acclaimed Scholar Passes

Former ORU professor of Old Testament in the graduate school of theology, Dr. Howard Ervin, died Wednesday evening. He was 93. Dr. Ervin taught at ORU for 40 years and was the dean of the original seminary at ORU. Throughout his time at ORU, he also served as chairman of the undergraduate theology department and professor of undergraduate and graduate theology.

Dr. Ervin wrote many scholarly works including Healing: Sign of the Kingdom, Spirit Baptism: A Biblical Investigation and Conversion-Initiation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Dr. Ervin was a mentor to many faculty now in leadership at ORU and was given the Outstanding Faculty award for the entire university in 1997. He was a Baptist pastor and had been very active in the Catholic/Pentecostal Dialogue since 1979. Dr. Ervin had a doctorate in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is survived by three daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

"Dr. Ervin was an institution here at ORU. He invested his life in the students. I remember meeting in his home, as a student, on Thursday evenings to study the spiritual gifts in the Scriptures. No one is more loved and respected here and across the Pentecostal/ charismatic world. He will be missed," said Dr. Larry Hart, ORU theology professor.

"When I was interviewed for a faculty position at ORU 31 years ago, Dr. Ervin saw potential in me as a young professor. When he spoke and gave his blessing, my appointment was assured. He was an academic and spiritual giant at ORU and my beloved colleague, mentor and friend. A true saint of the Lord has departed to receive his reward," said Dr. Robert Mansfield, ORU professor of New Testament.

The service will be held Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 10 a.m. at Moore's Southlawn Chapel.