ORU Students Travel the World

The modern languages department sends several study groups around the world during the summer. During May one group of eight students, led by German professor Christa Hill, visited Berlin, Prague, and the Alps. They began their trip in Berlin with a visit to the Berlin Wall. Hill said visiting the wall was significant because history comes alive when you get to see where important historical events took place. In addition to the Berlin Wall, the group visited the Dachau Concentration Camp. Hill described it as a "sobering experience." Finally, the group got to see the castle that inspired the design for Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle. The castle is called "Neuschwanstein" which literally means "New Swan Stone."

Hill believes that going on trips like these, which also offer either language or humanities credit for participating and finishing course work, are very important to the success of any student. "These days if a student is going to efficiently compete in the global job market, they will have to have international experience, international travel," Hill said. "ORU and many universities are putting a greater emphasis on travel."