College of Business Welcomes New Dean

As the start of the fall semester approaches, ORU welcomes Dr. Steve Greene as the new dean of the ORU College of Business.

"I am excited about the caliber of students that this university attracts. This department drives me to excellence because it cares just as much about teaching as it does about research. When I walk the halls and speak with the men and women who are faculty members, I feel every one of them is driven to impact the lives of students, and that is a blessing as a leader," said Dr. Greene.

Dr. Greene retired in January as chief operating officer for the Tulsa-based franchise, Camille's Restaurants. He has a doctorate in business administration from Memphis State University. He received his bachelor's degree and MBA from Southeastern Louisiana University. Dr. Greene also has experience in education as he has served as an associate professor at several universities and has been an adjunct business instructor for ORU since 2007. Dr. Greene has worked in business consulting for most of his career. He is also currently the senior pastor of Bixby Community Church. He began his new role at ORU on July 6.

"I want to know every student and faculty member and help them to achieve their goals, and if I can do that, we, as a department, can contribute to how the university operates as a whole," said Dr. Greene.

Dr. Greene wants to continue to develop students in the areas of employment preparedness, business leadership and entrepreneurship, among others. "I don't just want to teach (the students) how to fish, but how to own the pond," said Dr. Greene.

Dr. Marshal Wright has been serving as interim dean of the school since July 2007. He will continue in his role of chairman of the graduate business program.