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Alumni Class Visitation

At Homecoming, we encourage alumni to find out what today’s students are learning! You can do so by sitting in on one of the classes that meet on Friday, Feb. 1, from 1:50 to 2:40. We'll also have this class list available at Registration in the north lobby of Mabee Center on Feb. 1.

College of Arts & Cultural Studies

American Government
LRC 235
Sonny Branham

American History
GC 4114
Warren Rieger

Branding & Promotions
LRC 232A
Chris Putman

Christian Worldview & Culture
LRC 236
Fleta Buckles

Civil Liberties/Civil Rights/Social Justice
LRC 203
Winston Frost

Critical Reading & Writing
GC 5A30
Dr. William Epperson

Critical Reading & Writing
LRC 204A
Barbara Law

Graphic Design Studio
GC 2B10
Jason Howell

Intermediate French II
LRC 232B
Christiane Hill

Intermediate Spanish I
LRC 204G
Carlos Chalé

Jazz Ensemble
TB 58
Tim Waters

Music Appreciation
TB Performance Hall
Scott Quant

Oral Communication
GC 2B30
Denise Miller


College of Business

Business Law II
GC 2114
Chris Davis

Principles of Management
GC 3116
George Gillen


College of Science & Engineering

Bio 1 Lecture
GC 1B10A
Drs. Hal Reed & John Korstad

Computer Architecture
GC 1D09
Dr. Xiaomin Ma

Differential Equations
GC 2A09
Dr. Andrew Lang

Human Anatomy
GC 3114
Dr. Suzanne Vincent

Physics 1 Lecture
GC 1D23
Dr. Dominic Halsmer

Principles of Psychology
GC 4112
Dr. Larry Walker

Recombinant DNA Technology
GC 5A31
Dr. Ken Weed


College of Theology & Ministry

Local Church Outreach
GC 4116
Kerry Loescher

Systematic Theology II
GC 4A38
Dr. Eric Newberg