ORU Chapel Missions Offerings

A missions offering is taken during each ORU chapel service. The funds received are used to pay for ministry projects around the world. Many of these projects are submitted by alumni who operate or work for a ministry or missions organization.

It is time to submit projects that will be considered for funding during the 2018-19 academic year. 

Project Guidelines

Please make requests that will move the hearts of university students to develop in them an increased awareness of the needs of the world and lasting concern for missions.

Applicants are encouraged to submit requests fitting the criteria below. Please note: airline tickets, travel, monthly support, salaries, overhead expenses, general needs, printing, brochures, public relations, large requests, etc., are not considered for these particular missions offerings. Funding is NOT available for projects sponsored by local churches/denominations or their mission departments.

Requests from ministries that have received funding previously will not be considered for three years.

This is what a project should--or should not--be:

  • It should be tangible, specific, and visible.
  • It should not be an emergency request or "immediate crisis" request.
  • It should cost no more than $5,000. 
  • List each item and the specific cost of each item requested. 
  • Evidence of completion must be presented to campus by photos or in person.
  • The project must be completed in a short period of time.

A Few Examples of Projects Chosen in the Past

  • Orphanage needed a refrigerator for storing immunization vaccines. Also needed a cow for milk for the children and an electric generator for electricity.
  • Portable dental unit for an orphanage that had 200 children who had been rescued from the streets.
  • An international Christian school needed to buy new desks and chairs for students.
  • A municipality in Asia, where open Christian ministry is barred by law, did not provide water, and buying water is expensive. Needed to bore two wells and install pipes and a tank to hold safe drinking water.
  • A mud hut church had been destroyed by severe rains and flooding. Needed to rebuild the church structure.

If you have a project that is in line with the guidelines, please fill out and submit this form.