Faculty Receive Alumni Awards

At an all-faculty meeting on April 18, four professors were honored with Faculty Alumni Awards. They were:

Dr. Angela Watson
Faith & Learning Integration through Teaching

Sonny Branham
Mentoring through Service Learning

Dr. Joel Gaikwad
Mentoring through Research

Dr. Charlene Martin
Alumni Relations

The Alumni Association has been presenting these awards since November 2000. The purpose of the awards is: "To encourage and reward faculty interactions, sharing of ideas, collaboration, and other acts of professionalism that affect classroom performance, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary activities (cross-pollination)."

Dr. Watson is an assistant professor in the department of Behavioral Sciences.

Branham is an assistant professor of Government.

Dr. Gaikwad is the chair of the Biology and Chemistry department.

Dr. Martin is an assistant professor in Undergraduate Education.

Deans, department chairpersons, and the University Faculty Assembly choose the recipients of the awards. Each honoree receives a cash award and in recent years, a medallion.