Alumni Board welcomes new members

The election results are in. The Oral Roberts University Alumni Association Board of Directors now has four new members who will attend their first meeting in February.

Segment 1 (1968-79): Bill Middleton

Segment 3 (1980-89): Paige (White) Bostwick

At Large (representing all colleges/all years): Ron Bryce and Blake Fite

Bill Middleton graduated in 1974 with a degree in business administration. At ORU, he was active in the Christian Service Council and the Methodist Lay Witness Mission program. Paige (White) Bostwick is a 1994 (B.S.) and 2005 (M.Mgt.) ORU graduate. As a student she was on the women's basketball team, ran track, and was a member of the music group Front Line. She later worked for ORU and the Oral Roberts Ministries with responsibilities that included oversight of Music Ministries, ORU Cheer, Dance and Pep Band, and singing on the TV program "Something Good Tonight."

Ron Bryce (1982-B.A., 1986-M.D.) was a dorm wing athletic chairman, academic chairman, and member of several clubs as an undergraduate. In medical school he was athletic chairman, class vice president, and a student member of the first "ORU Healing Team" in 1986. Blake Fite is a 1998 ORU graduate (B.A., liberal arts) and a 2001 Regent University graduate (MBA). As an ORU student, Blake was a missions team leader (Mexico and Great Britain) and a wing chaplain. He was on the Mabee Center technical crew and the Summer Missions administrative staff, and a member of the Albania summer missions team.

The Alumni Board will meet on Feb. 8, 9, and 10, just prior to the start of Homecoming (Feb. 10-11).