Alumni Board of Directors Election is on!

The ORU Alumni Association Board of Directors election is now in process. If you haven't voted yet, click here to do so. The deadline is November 30.

All ORU graduates are eligible to vote.

Three segments have openings for new directors: Segment 1 (1968-79 -- one opening); Segment 3 (1990-99 -- one opening); and At Large (all classes/colleges -- two openings).

The candidates are:

  • Segment 1: Max James, Bill Middleton, Paul Palmer
  • Segment 3: Paige (White) Bostwick, Johnie Hampton
  • At Large: Ron Bryce, Blake Fite, Kert Kennedy, Stephen Loi, John McCarty

The directors who are elected this month will take office in February 2012. Alumni who have an interest in serving ORU in this manner are encouraged to think about running for office. You can fill out the application here.

To read more about board member responsibilities, click here.