Homecoming 2012 Dates Announced

The Office of Alumni Relations has announced that ORU's next Homecoming celebration will be held on Feb. 10 and 11, 2012.

Earlier this year, Alumni Relations conducted an online survey regarding preferred dates for Homecoming. The survey was completed by 646 respondents (almost all alumni).

There was interest in moving Homecoming to March 2012 (41 percent) or November 2011 (31 percent). About 35 percent of respondents said a regular-season basketball game was "not" important for Homecoming, while the remaining 65 percent thought it "somewhat" or "quite" important.

Because of the time and advance preparation required to prepare for Homecoming, Alumni Relations decided not to do Homecoming in November 2011. Next March would be a challenge because of conflicts with College Weekend, spring break, and other campus events. And, because ORU plans to break ground for the new Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center early next year, and February is a possible target date, it was decided that the upcoming Homecoming should take place in February. The staff will continue to examine the possibility of moving the date to another month for the next Homecoming.

Watch the Web for future updates. And if 2012 is your reunion year, contact us for information on planning your celebration!