Prayer Tower Observation Level Reopens

This wood medallion, located in the 30-seat chapel, depicts Oral Roberts praying for a child.
This wood medallion, located in the 30-seat chapel, depicts Oral Roberts praying for a child.

The centerpiece of the ORU campus is more beautiful than ever. That's because renovations to the Observation Level of the ORU Prayer Tower, initiated in September 2010, have been completed.

Click here for a video tour.

The Observation Level is open to the public Monday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. Individuals and groups can reserve the four new prayer rooms -- "Upper Rooms" -- or the chapel for blocks of time from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon. Reservations can be made online, and should be made at least two working days in advance.

To comply with city fire codes, no more than 30 people may be on the Observation Level at one time.

A little history...

The 200-foot-tall Prayer Tower opened in 1967. It was remodeled in 2008 and rededicated at Homecoming 2009 by none other than ORU's founder and chancellor, Oral Roberts. Renovations to the base of the tower included a new Prayer Room and offices for the men's and women's chaplains. In 2009, the Ralph L. Reece Memorial Gardens that surround the tower were refurbished.

This is what Chancellor Roberts said about the Prayer Tower several months before it opened in 1967:

"The tower has the overall appearance of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The tower itself, slender and beautiful, standing tall and straight in its upreach, symbolizes the inner man or the person standing up on the inside. The sunken gardens, filled with the beauty of nature, and interspersed with man's creative power, are like a mother holding her child. Out of the sunken gardens, the Prayer Tower rises and extends its reach into infinity.... The Prayer Tower is the highest building on campus, and it represents the place of God in our thoughts and prayers for the future and the present. While a strong educational program is being carried on here for the mind and for the body, there is also a strong program of the spirit. The tower speaks to us daily, reminding us that our hope is in God."