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Smith Wigglesworth's First Article

Report from Yorkshire

BOWLAND STREET MISSION, BRADFORD, has had many days of God's right-hand, and has won many trophies of the Cross and seen much of the working of the mighty hands of God, but none of the past days resemble those of the present. Thank God, we are in the midst of that which might be called the soul's awakening. Those that were lifeless and helpless (having to be carried), are now full of life and prepared to carry others from the cold, indifferent, formal life to be red-hot, spirit-filled Saints, speaking and singing in Tongues. They have clear witnessing power and discernment, and can be counted upon for any real, active, vigilant work. They are full of love and kindness, desiring, longing, earnestly seeking, and beseeching God to open the Windows of Heaven and pour out a real Revival Power to awaken and shake England and the World. We fully believe we are in the last days, and before the Lord comes we trust to see the mightiest Revival the world has ever seen or witnessed. We have seen demons cast out, and the very devil of disease rebuked, and the continual power and blessing fully resembling Mark xvi., 17. All glory be to God.

One of the clear proofs that Pentecost with Tongues is of God is that all the Scribes and Pharisees of the present day condemn it. I have seen many receive the Gift of Tongues and the Baptism of Power, but never among them were there any critics or a fleshly or proud man or woman. The clean and impure cannot dwell together. Ye cannot have God and Mammon. Pentecost with Tongues is a Holy purpose, being the beginning of greater days of manifestations. We shall see greater things than Jesus did as we abide in the Vine. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost with Signs is the fulfillment of promise to those that wait.

I hold much fellowship with those that speak and sing with new Tongues. All have one story to tell, viz., that the blessing and joy is beyond describing. Why stop at the barren field of justification, when there are waters of God's Love to swim in? Why live in the experience of Romans vii., when there is Romans viii. full of life in the Spirit without condemnation? Ephes. iii., 20.


'My soul is filled with boundless love
Whilst gazing on the precious blood,
I catch the rays of Jesus face
Transfixed in me, the Throne of Grace.
Wonders beyond the human mind
Rushing into me, a Life Divine;
I feel the Power of the Holy Dove,
And speak in 'Tongues' of things above.


---Reprinted from Confidence, a free Pentecostal paper published in Sunderland, England, Edited by A.A. Boddy , April 1908.

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