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Early Pentecostal leader in Great Britain. Son of an Anglican rector.

Boddy was heavily influenced by Keswick. He studied theology at Durham. He was ordained bv Bishop J. B. Lightfoot and began ministry at Elwick before beign appointed to Sunderland (1884-1922) and Piddington (1922-1930). Boody traveled widely, exploring western Canada, Egypt, North Africa, Palestine and Russia. Boddy describes these trips won him membership in the Royal Geographical Society (England) and the Imperial Geographical Society (Russia). Concerned about the spintual life of his parish, he investigated the Welsh Revival and in 1907 went to Oslo to study the Pentecostal revival. T. B. Barratt visited Sunderland (September 1907), and under his leadership several experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Boddy became active in the Pentecostal revival in England. He hosted the Annual Whitsuntide (Pentecost) Pentecostal Conventions at Sunderland (1908-14). Participants included G. Polman from the Netherlands and J. Paul from Germany. Boddy also edited and published the Pentecostal periodical Confidence (1908-26).

An Anglican rector in Sunderland, England, A. A. Boddy was baptized in the Spirit in 1907. He edited the influential Pentecostal periodical Confidence.

Taken from Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements by Stanley M. Burgess, Gary B. McGee, and Patrick H. Alexander, Eds. Copyright 1988 by Stanley M. Burgess, Gary B. McGee, and Patrick H. Alexander. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

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