Reserve Policies and Procedures


A. Personal Materials

Personal copies of books, journals, audio and videocassettes, etc., will be placed on reserve at the owner's risk. The Library assumes no responsibility in regards to lost or damaged items. Also, the owner should understand that the placing of materials on Reserve requires the attachment of necessary identification and circulation labels to those materials.

B. ORU - Owned Materials

Only materials that normally circulate may be placed on Reserve. Items from Reference, Periodicals, the Holy Spirit Research Center, and from other non-circulating collection may not be placed on Reserve.

C. Photocopied Materials

Photocopied uncopyrighted materials will be accepted. However, one should never assume a work is not protected by copyright simply because a copyright notice is not visible. For assistance in determining the copyright status of a work, see the American Library Association's Digital Copyright Slider. Photocopied copyrighted materials are acceptable only if they meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The material must be accompanied by written permission from the author/publisher giving permission to copy the material for use in the Library's Reserve Collection
  2. The material complies with the Fair Use Guidelines.
Material must be accompanied by written proof of purchase of a reprint, and the reprint must replace the photocopied material as soon as it is available. For Placing Materials on Reserve
  1. A legible and completed Reserve Request Form must accompany reserve items. Forms are also available in the Library.
  2. Items must be given to the Reserve supervisor or the Circulation supervisor.
  3. Reserve items may take up to 24 hours to process and will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  4. Faculty members are encouraged to check processing status before telling students that items are on Reserve.

Photocopied materials, pamphlets, etc. (thin materials), must be submitted in labeled manila folders (one per folder). Folders must be provided by the professor or professor's department and must be clearly marked with the title, author and source.

Last update : August 13, 2007