Library Sessions and Tours

Library Sessions and Tours

Request library tours, general and subject hands-on resources instruction, senior paper and thesis research, workshops, and in-class presentations to meet the specific needs of your class. Unless otherwise requested, classes are held in the Library Instructional Lab, LRC 4th floor.

  • Please try to make your request(s) at least two weeks in advance.
  • Use one request for each course.
  • Confirmation will be send via email after your request is approved.
Faculty Request Form for Library Instruction
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1. When would you like to schedule the library session(es)?

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2. Where will your class meet?
      In the Library Instructional Lab (LIL), LRC 4th floor
      In the classroom, then come to LIL
      I would like a librarian come to my classroom and do a presentation

3. What would you like included in the library session? (check all that apply)

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  Tours: General Instruction: Advanced Research Instruction:
  Tour only (No instruction)
Reference, ERC, Periodicals
Main, 4th floor & 5th floor
Holy Spirit Research Center
Print Resources (Reference, periodicals, microfilm)
ORU Library Catalog
Electronic Resources
Subject Print Resources
Subject Electronic Resources

4. What would you like your students to learn from this library instruction session?

5. What is the research assignment?
It is very helpful to us if you provide us with any handouts you give to the students explaining the assignment. (Please use the "Send Handout" button and add your name to the email subject line.)

If necessary, a library faculty member will contact you to discuss the content of the instruction. Please contact Myra Bloom at ext. 7174 if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you for helping us promote library information literacy skills.
We look forward to seeing you.