Ebrary Sign-on

  • Sign in and select the ORU library.
  • From the database list on the left side, select ebrary.
  • Select and click either signin or bookshelf, either will automatically bring up the ORU Novell login screen.
    If you receive the following error “ebrary access does not support AutoLoginIP or referring URL authentication” try clearing out your browser cache.
  • Authenticate via username and password.
  • After you have signed into your ebrary account you should see in the upper right corner “Signed in as: oru_your name

Q: What if I already have an ebrary bookshelf that I set up last year?

A: If you created a bookshelf account in the past, you'll need to merge your old ebrary bookshelf with your new ebrary account. Here's how:

  • Make a note of your original ebrary/Bookshelf login username (NOT the password).
  • Next, look at the top right hand side of the ebrary home page for your unique signin: oru_your name.
  • Copy the whole of the unique string.
  • Paste the string into an email and include in the message your old ebrary/Bookshelf username so the ebrary support team can transfer the correct bookshelf. Now you have the old username and the new unique string in an email.
  • Send the email to: support@ebrary.com with a subject: Merge Bookshelf

NOTE: Do not send your old ebrary/Bookshelf PASSWORD, only the username.

Within 48 hours after your bookshelf merge request e-mail is received by Ebrary Customer Support, your old bookshelf will be merged into your new bookshelf and will be available when you sign in to ebrary.