Remote Access to ORU Library Databases

Complete Registration Form First

All library services require the completion of the Registration Form for Distance Learner Services unless you have already registered with the library while on campus.

Journals, Magazines & Reference Resources

Tulsa area residents who are students, staff, and faculty at ORU have access to most of ORU Library's electronic resources by using ORU's Internet network. These subscriptions include a number of periodical (journal and magazine) indexes, as well as many full text articles, and reference resources such as encyclopedias, the World Almanac, etc.

Those who have another Internet provider, including Distance learners, have access to most of the above electronic resources through the Internet.

Access ORU Library's Web pages at URL:
See specific instructions below.

Remote Access Through Another Internet Provider

Those who access the electronic resources through an Internet provider other than ORU must choose Off Campus Access(near the center of the Library Home Page) and enter their ORU Novell username and password. Follow the instructions on the guide, "Access to ORU Electronic Resources." Distance Learners who have further questions should contact Distance Learner Services.

Access Through the ORU Network

Access from off-campus is possible from your PC at home. Ask for instruction concerning initial access to the network at the Academic Computing Lab, GC2A01. (Those who access the ORU Network outside the Tulsa metropolitan area will incur long distance charges.)

To use the library's electronic periodical and reference databases:

On the Library Home page, click on Databases/Journals List. You may select any of the databases in the alphabetical list or click on Research Databases by Subject to see the databases listed by subject area. Take advantage of help screens and on-line tutorials. To see World Wide Web Internet locations that answer reference questions, click on Quick Reference. To find out if the library has a particular journal, click on Databases/Journals List. For books or other materials, see ORU's online public access catalog (IPAC). Click on Search Catalogs. You may inquire at the Library Reference Desk for assistance in person or contact the Distance Learner Services.

Remote Access to ORU Catalog (Listing of Books, Audiovisuals, and Periodical Titles Held at ORU)

The ORU Library Catalog is available in a Web version (IPac), and also through a dial-in connection for those without Internet access. The IPAC Catalog is available to all users on the Internet without passwords or a dial-up connection.

To use IPac, a Java-enabled Web browser is required. On the ORU Library home page, click on Search Catalogs, then click on ORU Library Catalog. For the dial-up connection for a computer without Internet access, please ask at the Reference Desk for the guide: "Remote Access to the ORU Library Online Catalog".

Last Updated: August 7, 2006