Is ORU For You?

ORU is a school for students with big plans. It's a place for individuals from all backgrounds who are called to impact the world.

Whether your plans are still taking shape, or you're still wondering how you'll be called to make a difference, one thing is certain: coming to ORU is a vital first step.

ORU educates the whole person-spirit, mind and body. Here you'll be preparing for a successful life and career and be instilled with excellence to accomplish what God has called you to do.

You should consider ORU if . . .

  • You are a passionate student with great potential searching for an academically challenging environment.

    Fact:  ORU is committed to excellence. Our six academic colleges offer over 100 majors and minors to equip you for a broad range of careers. ORU students are well-rounded leaders who boldly pursue their purpose and impact the world. 
  •  You enjoy being part of a spiritually-alive community that allows you to grow in faith as you encounter God and meet other believers.

    Fact: At ORU, your whole-person education extends beyond the classroom. Where you live and eat as well as the activities you engage in are all part of your total living and learning experience. ORU is a culturally-rich campus filled with energy and enthusiasm. You'll make lifelong friendships and discover numerous opportunities to explore and enrich your faith.
  •  You want a long-lasting impact from your professors in the classroom and beyond.

    Fact: More than 50 percent of our professors hold terminal degrees in their field. Yet, it is the passion of our professors to not only share their knowledge, but to challenge you, to expose you to new ideas, to encourage you, to engage you to hear God’s voice as well as to help you succeed that make our professors the best in their fields.
  •  You like to connect through sports, clubs or other activities.

    Fact: ORU students are passionate and vision-driven, and these qualities naturally flow into their pursuits beyond the classroom. Opportunities to be involved in campus life, to invest in the lives of others and to grow on a personal level are abundant on our campus. Choose from activities focused on academics, real-world training, outreach, and more. Get involved with our intramural teams or compete as a member of one of ORU’s 16 NCAA varsity teams.
  • You expect your education to give you the necessary tools to be a world-changer in any profession.

    Fact: ORU graduates are instilled with excellence to accomplish what God has called them to do. They are recognized as world-changers in business, politics, ministry, media, sports and countless other fields.

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