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Michael L Mathews

Welcome to the ORU IT @212° website. We are excited to both serve and lead in the area of campus and academic technology during the the 21st century transformation of education and technology.

In many ways, technology for 21st century students on a thriving campus has become both simpler and more complex. The challenge of making technology more accessible, nimble and fluid for all students, classrooms, faculty and staff is an opportunity to be creative and allow campus technology to become an art as well as a science.

Serving through Customer Interactions - With technology itself being a commodity where students and faculty can wear, walk, talk, teach and learn in a 'fluid' manner, IT departments on university campuses by necessity must become exceptionally superior in customer service. For this reason, the ORU IT department has been named IT @212°. Our team members want to listen and respond to all Campus IT needs with a passion for extraordinary service that makes a difference. Hot water is just hot water at 211 degrees. However, when water goes one extra degree to 212 degrees it boils and becomes useful energy that can turn steam engines. At ORU we desire to go the extra degree and turn technology and the needs of the students and faculty into something special by going the extra degree. (ORU Mission)

Leading with Innovation - The art of design of good technology has become more important the technology itself. As technology has become a commodity, we can become extraordinarily innovative with systems that allow for a nimble yet fluid design. Innovation that is fluid and nimble for the needs of the 21st century campus will allow students and faculty to sense that they are leveraging technology in a seamless, integrated and creative manner. This includes the ability to self-design, self-navigate and self-direct the most effective personalized technologies that are integrated with complex database and analytics.

As an example ORU IT @212° was selected as one of three national universities to participate in a national IT summit with the CIO for the NFL. Our innovative approach to campus technology led to this invitation to represent the needs of the 21st century campus and student. (CIO Experience Economic Summit).

ORU's new attitude toward innovation has already been recognized at three national conferences where we have presented a vision that sets a model for student success and innovation through personal analytics. This innovation coupled with our desire to serve is the right model to invigorate the thought leadership and changes that will be needed to accelerate technology in the most appropriate manner. Below is our most recent recognition for innovation by the White House Office of Science and Technology based on a creative national education solution that IT @212° and Professor Dr. Andrew Lang submitted.

'"The White House Office of Science and Technology and Department of Education continues to challenge the public to get creative to solve some of the most difficult decisions in education. We appreciate the creative submissions by thought leaders at universities like Oral Roberts University at the national level. It will be thought leaders like this that continue to help solve the student success issues for future generation."

~ Nick Sinai, United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House

We look forward to serving and leading well beyond the 21st century!

Thank you,
Michael Mathews
Chief Information Officer | Oral Roberts University