IT Campus Projects

Summer 2013

Cable TV Upgrade
The coax cable TV system was completely replaced in all the dorms. This includes over 1400 cable drops, thousands of feet of coax cable and fiber, new amplifiers, connectors, splitters, taps and wall connectors. Fiber now feeds all dorms from the cable point of entry in the GC building. Connected to the fiber, new coax cable has been installed to every room. This has all been professionally designed by Blonder Tongue Laboratories and installed by Banning Technologies along with IT personnel. Both of these companies are industry leaders. Signal strength has been tested to every room and is showing excellent strength.
Work continued into the fall semester to bring the same signal quality to the Aerobic Center. Several new cable locations have been added in the building and were made functional by the start of the semester.

WiFi Upgrade
Over 10 miles of data cable were pulled to various locations by the IT wiring team. Every dorm room now has a full 8-pin CAT6 wired connection.
Wireless issues have been and are continuing to be addressed as we work with our equipment vendor to upgrade and tweak the system to provide better wireless access. Several changes have been made and we look forward to getting better test data as students utilize the WiFi. Keep an eye out for future WiFi Surveys from our IT team!
The IT Infrastructure and Network team completed a major upgrade to the network core in July. Our network core was approximately 5 years old and was not capable of handling the plethora of new devices and applications that are now dependent upon the network. In the last five years we have added many desktop “hard wired” connections, the WiFi system along with thousands of WiFi dependent mobile devices, VoIP, D2L online learning, fire and security alarms, environmental applications and door access. Our network was completely saturated. Work on this upgrade continued into the fall semester and will address additional areas of the network that are in need of attention.
We have completed the transition from our previous ISPs that were providing 300MB of Internet to our new ISPs which increases our Internet bandwidth to 1.8GB. This gives us 6 times greater bandwidth and the ability to “fail over” if one path has an outage.