M.A. Christian Counseling

Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is designed to prepare students for a specialized ministry of counseling within the context of the church, church-related agencies or other professional settings. The program enables students to integrate the most effective models and theories of counseling with a sound biblical and theological perspective and a sensitivity to the operation of the Holy Spirit. Helping hurting people is an essential element of the Gospel, and this program equips students to help people realize wholeness in every area of life.

The program is designed to meet the licensure requirements for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and for Licensed Marital and Family Therapists (LMFT). While licensure requirements vary across states, certain core courses tend to be standard. Students are encouraged to contact individual state licensing offices to determine if any additional coursework is needed.

Program Objectives
The M.A. Christian Counseling aims to:

  • Enable students to integrate theory and practice of counseling with theology.
  • Introduce and demonstrate a variety of appropriate assessment techniques.
  • Train students in the art and science of diagnosing that includes both clinical (DSM-IV-TR) and theoretical components.
  • Coach students in developing treatment plans, which include both goals and interventions that are relevant to the concerns identified by the diagnosis.
  • Instruct students in basic research skills and methodologies that enable them to critique counseling research findings and to appraise Empirically Supported Treatments (EST).
  • Emphasize the ethical principles undergirding professional conduct and the process of ethical decision-making.
  • Provide guided internship opportunities for the application of theory and practice in professional settings.
  • Promote a biblical/theological understanding of the person, work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Enable students to articulate clearly their ministry/professional calling.
  • Enable students to articulate and model a self-reflective, integrated approach to counseling involving theological, theoretical and research perspectives.

MCC Fact Sheet - For those seeking to meet the licensure requirements for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).

Degree Concentration
Master of Arts Christian Counseling/Marital and Family Therapy

MCC/MFT Fact Sheet - For those seeking to meet the licensure requirements for Licensed Marital & Family Therapists (LMFT).