Application Process

Application Requirements

1. Complete an application for admission - Apply Online
There are applications available for the Master's Program and for the Doctor of Ministry program.

Master's Application

We also have applications available for the Fast Track Program, the Joint Degree Program, an Application for Readmission to the program and a Non-degree Seeking Application.

2. $35 Application Fee (U.S. Dollars)

3. Sign the Honor Code
All ORU students accept the Code of Honor as their lifestyle while at ORU. Be sure to read and sign the Code of Honor, thus acknowledging your acceptance of the ORU lifestyle.

4. Submit a personal sketch/autobiographical statement
A personal sketch is required for all Master's level students while an autobiographical statement is required for all Doctoral students.

Please answer the questions fully. Type answers in double-space format and attach to your application.
All submissions are held in confidence.

The questions to be addressed in your Master's level personal sketch are as follows:

  • Why do you desire to attend ORU, and how does it relate to your life goals?
  • Describe your own religious experience, past and present.
  • Discuss major events that have occurred in your life.
  • If you are an international student, please explain why you desire to study in the United States.
  • Why have you chosen your field of vocation/ministry, and how do you see the degree program for which you are making application equipping you for that field?

The requirement for the Doctor of Ministry autobiographical sketch is as follows:

  • Autobiographical Statement: Present an account of your understanding of your call into full-time ministry. State your self-understanding of your ministry in the light of Biblical, theological, and historical insights. Also indicate your areas of strengths and weaknesses as you have carried out your ministry. This comprehensive statement must be less than 500 words.
  • Ministerial Experience: Submit a comprehensive account and description of your ministerial context and experience. Include the names of all churches/pastorates served, responsibilities, dates, and positions held and membership of each pastorate. If your ministry is not a local pastorate, provide a thorough description of it. It is understood that there may be considerable variety in the experiences of applicants who are in full-time ministry.
  • Plans for Continuing in Full-Time Ministry: The Doctor of Ministry degree is an "in ministry" degree. All applicants are required to continue in a recognized form of full-time ministry for the duration of the program. Please state your plans for continuing in ministry.
  • Statement of Reason for Applying to ORU: Indicate your reason for desiring a Doctor of Ministry degree. Why did you choose ORU?
  • Finances: Discuss how you plan to finance your Doctor of Ministry program if accepted. How will your church or present ministry assist with your expenses?

5. Academic/Professional Recommendations (Download PDF)
Two academic recommendations from current or former professors not related to you are required. Professional recommendations may be submitted if you have not been in college within the last five years. Each of these recommendations should be returned to ORU directly by the person submitting the reference.

6. Minister's Recommendation (Download PDF)
A minister's recommendation must be completed by a minister or church leader who is not related to you and mailed directly from the church office to the ORU Office of Graduate Admissions.

7. Official Transcript

Official transcripts must be received directly from all colleges and universities attended in their original sealed envelopes. Bible college and vocational/technology schools are generally not considered regionally accredited institutions.

8. Official Test Scores
Applicants for admissions are required to submit a score from either the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken within the past five years and submitted directly from the testing agency to ORU Graduate Admissions.

Graduate Entrance Exam Information (U.S. and International)

As the ORU Graduate School of Theology and Ministry is a theological seminary preparing students for multiple ministries and positions of authority, in addition to the academic qualifications of the applicants, the Admissions Committee will also consider the applicant's sense of calling to the ministry (based on biographical essay) and related information provided in the references.