Undergraduate Financial Assistance

Putting the Pieces Together to Pay for College

Working out the finances to attend college at ORU is a lot like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. At first, it can look overwhelming - even impossible. But, when you, your parents and your financial aid counselor sit down and start fitting the pieces together, a plan begins to emerge that ultimately gets you on campus.

It may take scholarships based on your good grades, school or church activities or leadership. It may involve loans, either private or federally subsidized. It could require work-study where you hold a job part time while you're in school. And it may include grants from generous friends with a heart for Christian education and the mission of ORU. But if the Lord wants you at ORU, sooner or later that's where you should be.

 Undergraduate Financial Aid Checklist
  • All students must be accepted by the ORU Admissions Office in order to receive financial aid
  •  Fill out the FAFSA. January 1 was the first day students could complete the FAFSA. Complete your FAFSA early to receive maximum financial aid. Remember, students and parents do NOT have to complete their taxes before completing the FAFSA. Students may complete the FAFSA by using W-2 information or estimating their financial information. Complete your FAFSA today. 
  • Check your financial aid package. Students are generally packaged with financial aid during their admissions process. Once the FAFSA is complete, the Financial Aid Office will receive your information within 3-5 business days. Students should access their email regularly for online financial aid award notifications. You may view your financial aid package by accessing http://vision.oru.edu
  • Accept your awards online. Complete your financial aid file via http://vision.oru.edu, to avoid lines during fall registration!
  •  Turn in requested forms. You may access http://vision.oru.edu to complete your financial aid file. Mail documents to Oral Roberts University; Attn: Financial Aid Office; 7777 S. Lewis Ave; Tulsa, OK 74171. Fax documents to 918.495.6803. 
  •  If you are selected for verification, you will need to complete the verification worksheet via http://vision.oru.edu and provide copies of parent and student's tax forms and W-2's. Your Student Aid Report (SAR) received from the Department of Education informs students who are selected for verification.