ORU Scholarships for Freshman Students

ORU is pleased to recognize academic achievement by awarding Premier Merit Scholarships and Merit Awards to its incoming freshman class. These awards are based upon your highest ACT and/or SAT test scores along with your current or expected high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale). Our online scholarship calculator will help to determine your eligibility. These scholarships are renewable for four years.

ORU Scholarships for Transfer Students

ORU also provides scholarship assistance to transfer students who qualify. Awarding criteria is based upon your highest college GPA. Our online scholarship calculator for transfer students may assist in determining your eligibility.

Other Scholarships and Reference Information 

Please see the accompanying list for further details and remember to submit applications prior to the stated deadlines for scholarship consideration.


FIRST Robotics Scholarship

The FIRST Robotics $1,000 Scholarship is offered to Chinese students who have competed in a FirstRobotics Challenge (FRC) and are applying to ORU for an Engineering program. This scholarship is in addition to all other scholarships that a student is eligible to apply for.

The scholarship will be good for up to four years toward full-time enrollment in an undergraduate, residential program at ORU. Recipients' awards will be reviewed annually. Recipients must maintain full-time continuous enrollment, a satisfactory Grade Point Average and remain in good standing with the University in order to continue receiving the award. The FIRST Robotics Scholarship is not transferable and it must be used in the year it was awarded. 


To be considered for the FIRST Robotics Scholarship, you will need to:

1.     Apply online at  and select an Engineering major in one of the following majors at ORU:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Engineering with a concentration in:
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Engineering physics

2.     Provide a letter of recommendation from your China Robotics Challenge (CRC) instructor to Jenny Ying Fang, Director of Chinese Initiatives at

3.     Applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted by May 15.


For additional information contact:

Jenny Ying Chen Fang
Phone: +1 (918) 495 6540