Research and Sponsored Programs Handbook

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Grant Accounting office provides you with support services from inception of a proposal to the close-out of an award. They work collectively to maximize the resources available to you as a PI or grant funded individual. The Oral Roberts University Sponsored Program Handbook is a guide to proposal creation, program facilitation and award management. 

ORU Sponsored Program Handbook (in totality)

Contents Include: 

Section I: OSP Statement of Policy

Section II: OSP General Information
• Funding Research Tools
• Proposal Assistance 
• Proposal Incentives
• Prior Approvals
• Proposal Review and Approval
• Deadlines for Proposals
• Proposal Submission
• Award Negotiation and Acceptance
• Post Award Fiscal Management
• Post Award Non Fiscal Management

SECTION III: Principal Investigator Responsibilities

SECTION IV: Preparing the Proposal
• Funder Specific Proposals
• Standard Proposals
• Budget Development

SECTION V: Budget Components
• Expenditures
• Salary
• Fringe Benefits
• Stipends
• Honorariums
• Consultants
• Materials and Supplies
• Travel 
• Cost Sharing
• Equipment

SECTION VI: Grant versus Gift

SECTION VII: Managing Grant Funds
• Award Negotiation & Acceptance
• Budget Revision and Negotiations
• Orientation Meeting
• Expenditures
• Travel
• Salaries / Effort Reporting
• Change in Scope of Work and Principal Investigator Status
• Award Transfers or Relinquishments
• Cost Transfers 
• Budget Transfers
• Reports and Invoices
• Sub-Recipients
• Salary Recovery Funds
• Grant Consideration Pay

SECTION VIII: Close Out Procedures
• No Cost Extension
• Timeline

SECTION IX: Financial Conflict of Interest

SECTION X: Materials Transfer
• Material transfer to ORU from another institution/industry (IN)
• Material transfer from another institution to ORU (OUT)
• Material transfer from industry to ORU
• Potential Issues in MTAs
• MTA Compliance issues

SECTION XI: Research Agreements
• Who can sign a research contract? 
• Should a PI or department staff member negotiate their own contract?
• Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA)
• Consortium Agreement 
• Subaward Agreement 
• Collaborative Research Agreement
• Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
• "Work for Hire" or Consulting agreements

SECTION XII: Intellectual Property

SECTION XIII: Intramural Faculty Seed Research Fund

SECTION XIV: Conclusion

SECTION XV: Glossary

SECTION XVI: Forms & Flowcharts
Grant Seeking (Pre Award) Procedure Chart
Grant Expenditures (Post Award) Procedure Chart
Financial Conflict of Interest Assurance and Disclosure
Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
FCOI Management Plan 
Request for Award Transfer or Relinquishment
Cost Transfer Request Form 
Orientation Calendar 
Grants Management Checklist
Time & Effort Report Procedure Chart
Grant Close-Out (Post Award) Procedure Chart
Material Transfer Agreement Checklist
Material Transfer Agreement (IN) 
Material Transfer Agreement (OUT) 
Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

To Contact The Office of Sponsored Programs ext. 6928

To Contact Grant Accounting office ext. 7636