Awarded Grants

Congratulations to all the principal investigators on their research opportunities and grant awards. Your efforts are creating a better ORU for our students, faculty, staff and community. 

Most Recent Grant Awards

Temple Foundation Teacher Scholarships -$50,000   Dr. Kim Boyd
This two year grant provides financial support to students and alumni who are committed to working in Oklahoma with children in K-12. 

Lay Foundation - $5,000   Dr. John Matsson
The foundation supported the teaching and learning activities of engineering students through their grant for $5,000.

Summer Science and Math Camp - $79,200   Dr. John Matsson
OSRHE funded this wonderful outreach program with a new three year grant.  Each summer the STEM faculty hosts a week-long camp for junior high students here on campus.

Paid Internship for a Chemistry Student  Science & Technology - $60,000   Dr. Bob Stewart
In a collaboration with Magnesium Products, a local corporate chemical company, ORU is able to offer a two year paid internship position for a chemistry student through funding from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST). Dr. Bob Stewart serves as the off-site mentor for the project.

Science and the Wisdom of God - $159,200   Dr. Dominic Halsmer
A collaborative team of ORU faculty received funding for an interdisciplinary project to help Christians gain an appreciation for the ingenuity behind our evolving universe.

3D Computational Experimental Fluid Dynamics Lab - $100,000  Dr. Matsson
The 3D CEFD Lab is currently under construction.

Riddle Scholarship Grant - $5,000   Kim Falcon
The grant provided a scholarship for a needy female minority student.

Schoolhouse Science 2 - $1,500  Dr. Lois Ablin
The Gelvin Foundation awarded $1,500 to fund equipment purchases for community hands-on learning projects within the community.  In this project, Dr. Lois Ablin and her students visit local, low-income schools to give engaging science demonstrations.

Frederick A Bendaña Scholarships - $3,000  Carlos Chale
The Hispanic American Foundation provided a $3,000 scholarship grant to the ORU Hispanic Center. The grant will support two Hispanic students as they pursue higher education. Carlos Chalé, Hispanic Center Coordinator, is the principal investigator.

Impacts 13 - $4,000  Dr. Dwight Davidson
The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education's Minority Teacher Recruitment Center has sponsored a one-day seminar, hosted by the College of Education which help to recruit, retain and place teachers in Oklahoma K-12 schools, as well as provide vital interaction among colleges and universities from around the state. These funds provide programs that highlight the teaching profession and place a positive focus on education. Dr. Dwight Davidson, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education, is the principal investigator.

Child Welfare Professional Enhancement Program - $52,562 Dr. Lanny Endicott
This one-year sub-award from the Department of Human services via the University of Oklahoma is a title IV-E partnership program.  It provides scholarship and stipend funds for students committed to working for the state as social workers. Dr. Lanny Endicott, Associate Professor of Social Work serves as the principal investigator.

Title III Eligibility - $210,389  Kim Falcon
The Office of Sponsored Programs secured ORU's Title III eligibility as an institution.

Music Scholarships - $15,000 Dr. Randy Guthrie
Greg Ayers with USA Funds awarded a $15,000 scholarship grant to the ORU Music Department. The money will provide support to financially needy music students. Dawn Ward facilitated the grant, and Dr. Randy Guthrie, Chair of the Music Department, is the principal investigator.

Schoolhouse Science 1 - $5,500   Dr. Lois Albin
The Tulsa Rotary Club awarded $1,500 to fund an ongoing community service initiative by the College of Science and Engineering. In this project, Dr. Lois Ablin, Dr. Ken Weed, Mr. Gary Ritzhaupt, and their students visit local, low-income schools to give engaging science demonstrations. These funds will be used to purchase the equipment necessary for hands-on light spectrum displays.

Honoring Veterans - $500  Dr. Kay Meyers
Dr. Meyers and her students were awarded a grant through Sigma Tau Delta.  The grant supported their efforts providing veterans an opportunity to capture their memories through reflection and journaling.

Commuter Chaplin Scholarships - $8,000  Eric Peterson
The Chatlos Foundation awarded grant support for scholarships for two students to serve as chaplains for ORU commuter students.  Through this program ORU was able to provide spiritual support to our off-campus students as well as financial support for the chaplains.

Stovall Administrative Center - $250,000  Kim Falcon
The Jim and Crystal Stovall Foundation provided a grant to assist ORU in the remodeling of the Personnel Building. As the building is transformed, the name will also be updated to reflect the generosity of the funders – the Stovall Administrative Center. The Office of Sponsored Programs served as the principal investigator.

Oklahoma Nursing Scholarships - $25,000 Dr. Kenda Jezek
The Butterfield Foundation in Oklahoma City provided a two year grant, totaling $50,000 in support of nursing scholarships. The main eligibility criteria for a Butterfield Scholarship requires that the student must demonstrate a strong commitment to the Christian faith and see their nursing skills as a gift to be used as a ministry. Dr. Kenda Jezek, Dean of the Anna Vaughn College of Nursing, is the principal investigator.

Chemistry & Engineering Equipment - $50,000 Year 4 of 5   Dr. John Matsson
The Helmerich Foundation of Tulsa funded a five year grant totaling $250,000, designed to provide new equipment for the College of Science and Engineering labs. The grant is now in its second year.  Dr. John Matsson, Chair of the Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Department, is the principal investigator.

Nursing Education Practice and Retention - $322,622 Year 3 of 3   Dr. Kenda Jezek
Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, a federal agency, this three-year, $977,791 grant is now in its final year. Through this grant opportunity, the Anna Vaughn College of Nursing is targeting recruitment and retention efforts to underserved and rural populations in Oklahoma, addressing nationwide nursing shortages. Dr. Kenda Jezek is the principal investigator.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America - $100,000 Year 8 of 10 Dr. Kenda Jezek
This multi-year grant support faculty development as well as scholarships for nursing students committed to work for CTCA in Tulsa.

National Science Foundation - $73,996 Year 3 of 3  Dr. Xiaomin Ma
The National Science Foundation provided a three-year, $194,146 grant to fund Dr. Xiaomin Ma's "Analytic Modeling and Enhancement of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for Safety Critical Applications" research. The project involves developing advanced networks that allow valuable information to be communicated between moving vehicles, greatly enhancing road safety. Dr. Xiaomin Ma, Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics, is the principal investigator.

ONEOK Shark Tank and Executive Boardroom - $50,000 Year 3 of 5 Dr. Steve Green
ONEOK, a Fortune 500 energy company headquartered in Tulsa, provided a five-year, $500,500 grant to the College of Business. The grant funded construction of the new ONEOK Executive Boardroom and provided seed money to fund COB Shark Tank proposals. Dr. Steve Green, Dean of the College of Business, is the principal investigator.