Download Applications

The applications are in a fill-able and save-able format and require Adobe Reader plug-in if you do not already have it.

**Most non-Adobe PDF viewers (Apple Preview, Google Chrome PDF viewer, etc.) do not fully implement the complete PDF form specifications and the Submit button on the ORU Staff application may not work correctly when displaying the PDF in your browser.

For the application to work properly please do one of the following:

  • Use Internet Explorer, download the application form and open with Adobe Reader or
  • Configure your browser to open PDFs with Adobe (instructions below).

If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed, you can get it for free from

**Before completing the application please review the FAQ's below.

ORU Staff Application

ORU Faculty Application

University Broadcasting, Inc. (UBI) Application

eAcademy (grades 3-12) Application

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which application do I use?

  • The Staff application is used for non-teaching positions.
  • The Faculty application is for teaching positions.
  • The UBI application is for KGEB/GEB America TV station.
  • The eAcademy application is for the on-line teaching positions for grades 3 - 12.

I have a Mac - what do I need to download to use the application?

  • The Employment Application will not save the information in such a way that non-Mac computers can read it unless you have Adobe Reader on your computer and use only Adobe Reader to open, fill out and save the Employment Application. Adobe Reader can be downloaded from Adobe at

    This Adobe website is programmed to check your computer for whichever adobe product you need and automatically let you know which download would be the best fit. We recommend downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader for best performance.

I have a PC - what do I need to download to use the application?

Can I save my application?

  • Yes. Please save as a PDF file, not a FDF file. Example: Carl Smith application.pdf

The application is blank when I try to type in the boxes - what do I do?

  • Please verify you have the correct version of Adobe Reader for either your MAC or PC.

Nothing happened after I clicked the submit button - what do I do?

  • If the following pop-up does not appear then save your application to your computer, open your e-mail account, and attach the application to an e-mail. Please send the application and/or resume to

Can I submit my resume?

  • Yes, your resume can be submitted along with the required application.

How do I know you have received my application?

  • If this is your first time submitting your application you will receive a response from Otherwise, please call 918.495.7163 if needing to verify.

Can I print the application and mail or fax it in?

  • Yes, applications can be mailed to: ORU Human Resources Dept., 7777 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74171, or faxed to 918.495.7563.

How do I configure Firefox and Google Chrome to open PDFs with Adobe?

    Configure Firefox
    1. In Firefox, choose Tools > Options.
    2. In the Options dialog, click Applications.
    3. In the Applications tab, type PDF in the search field.
    4. For Portable Document Format (PDF) content type in the search result, select Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) from the Action drop-down list.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Restart Firefox.

    Configure Chrome
    1. In Chrome, go to chrome://plugins/.
    2. Click Disable under Chrome PDF Viewer, and click Enable under Adobe PDF Plug-In.