Summer Employment
Re-Hire New Position

Student is looking to obtain a new job on-campus for Summer 2014

These students are looking for a position for summer 2014 and have worked on campus during the 2013-2014 school year.

Please follow the steps below if you are looking to obtain a new position on-campus different from previous years:

1. Search for a campus work study job
2. Fill out a student employment application
3. Submit your application to an open position
4. Complete employment processing with Career Services

Step 1 - Search for a Campus Work Study Job

This can be accomplished two different ways:

1. The first method is for students to visit various on-campus departments they are interested in working for and inquire about open positions. Students should be prepared to be interviewed on the spot for potential open positions or be prepared to set up a time to come back for an interview.

2. The second method is to look at available positions posted on the Golden Hire Network by following the instructions below:

From your ORU Golden Hire Network account, click on the "Jobs and Internships" tab on the top navigation bar

Under this tab click on the top option - "Jobs Posted to the ORU Golden Hire Network/ORU"

The gray jobs sub tab will allow you to search all on-campus work study positions

Under "Position Type" choose the option "ORU On-Campus Work Study Jobs"

Select a position to apply for and fill out the Student Employment Application for that specific position (see Step 4)

Step 2 - Fill out a Student Employment Application

• Click to download the Student Employment Application and save it to your computer before you fill out any portion of this document.

• When applying for an opening, fill out the application and the course schedule page completely. Be sure to indicate both your course schedule as well as available work hours.

• When you have completely filled out your application, save the completed document to your computer. Be sure to save and rename this for each position you fill it out for.

• A separate application must be submitted for each position you are applying for; tailor your application to the job description of the open position.

Step 3 - Submit your Application to an open Work Study Position

• On the ORU Golden Hire Network, under the job you are applying for, there will be instructions on how to submit your application. Review the "How to Apply" section of the job posting.

• Generally hiring managers want applications submitted one of two ways:

1. E-mail your completed application directly to the hiring manager or

2. Hand deliver your application to the hiring manager.

In both cases follow up with the hiring manager within a day or two by e-mail, phone or in person to see where they are in the hiring process and to demonstrate your interest in obtaining the position.

Keep a copy of your completed application to bring to Career Services in the event that you obtain the position.

Once you are hired into a position your hiring manager will provide you with a Campus Work Study Employment Form for Step 6

Step 4 – Complete Employment Processing with Career Services

• Take your Campus Work Study Employment Form and completed Student Employment Application for your new position to the Career Services Department (LRC 510). This form must be signed by your hiring manager.

• If your I-9 documentation (includes a valid ID being on file with Career Services) is current your paperwork will be processed and your hiring manager will be notified.

• Once your employment has been approved by the Career Services Department, you can begin planning your work schedule with your hiring manager and schedule your start date.