Student Work Study-Re-Hire with Different Position

Obtaining a new job on-campus different from last year

These students have networked to find a job and have already been selected by a hiring manager for the new position. 

Please follow the steps below to complete the employment process for your new position:

  1. Confirm that you have a work study award in your financial aid package
  2. Confirm in Vision that your registration is complete
  3. Fill out a Student Employment Application for the new position
  4. Complete employment processing with Career Services

Step 1 - Confirm that you have a Work Study Award in your Financial Aid Package

For help with checking your award information:

  • Go to Vision, Enter secure area
  • Enter your ORU Z# (include the letter "z" then the number) and your pin and click log-In
  • Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Click on Financial Aid
  • Click on My Award Information
  • Click on Display/Accept Award By Aid Year
  • Click on the Award Overview tab
  • Awards must say "accepted". If your federal work study or institutional work study award says “declined”, please contact Student Services Group for additional assistance at 918.495.6510 or or check the Student Services FAQ Page.
  • Keep your Vision account open; it is needed for the next step

If you have not been awarded money in one of these areas, you will need to contact ORU Student Services Group at 918.495.6510 in order to inquire about having it added to your financial aid package. All students working on-campus during the academic year will need a work study award. 

Step 2 - Confirm in Vision that your registration is complete

You must be registered/validated before you can obtain employment on-campus.

  • In your open Vision account
  • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Registration Steps
  • Choose the appropriate semester on the drop box and hit the Submit button (this may have been done in a previous step)
  • Make sure your registration process has been completed
  • Click on "View and Print Your Aid/Changes Worksheet" (see example below). The new page that comes up should actually read “COMPLETED” across the top, if it does please move on to Step 3 on this page, if it does not read "COMPLETED" please complete your registration and validation process

Vision Student Services tab

Step 3 – Fill out a Student Employment Application

  • Even though you have already obtained a job by networking, you will still need to have a Student Employment Application on file with Career Services for this new position.
  • Click to download the Student Employment Application and save it to your computer before you fill out any portion of this document, then save it again once you have filled it out.

    Note: For Mac users filling out the Student Employment Application:  The Employment Application will not save the information in such a way that non-Mac computers (such as the computers most of the hiring managers on campus use) can read it unless you have Adobe Reader on your computer and use only Adobe Reader to first open, then save the document (before you fill it out), then fill it out and finally save again the Employment Application.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded from Adobe at

  • Fill out the Student Employment Application for the position you have obtained and bring it along with your Campus Work Study Employment form (see step 4) to Career Services.

Step 4- Complete the Employment Process with Career Services

  • Take your Campus Work Study Employment Form (signed by your hiring manager and given to you at the time you were hired - if not please check with your hiring manager to obtain a copy or see if one was already sent to Career Services directly) and your completed Student Employment Application for your new position to the Career Services Department (LRC 510). 
  • If your I-9 documentation is current, (includes valid ID(s) being on file with Career Services) your paperwork will be processed and your hiring manager will be notified.
  • Once your employment has been approved by the Career Services Department, you can begin planning your work schedule with your hiring manager and schedule your start date.