Path to Success

Having a thought out plan of action and following its steps will give you a better chance of landing the job you want. Following the steps, also provided in the links below, will help ensure that you are on the road to success, whether you are starting your college career or your professional one!

Freshmen - Getting Started

  1. Become accustomed to ORU & Tulsa. Start looking for a good church and get involved!
  2. Find extracurricular activities and on-campus organizations to get involved in.
  3. Take the CareerBeam Assessment.
  4. Get to know the Career Services Department.
  5. Look over the course catalog and website to determine what majors are interesting to you.
  6. Speak to advisors and students in departments of majors you are considering.
  7. Go to Choosing a Major to help you what career options are best for you.
  8. Take courses in the areas in which you are interested.
  9. Participate in Career Week and the Career Expo held on-campus each semester.
  10. Seek after the godly passions and desires of your heart.

Sophomores - Getting Focused

  1. Choose a major by the midpoint of your sophomore year (or the start of your junior year).
  2. Consider what courses you have enjoyed most and have found an aptitude for and interest in pursuing.
  3. Talk with the students and professors in the academic areas you are considering.
  4. Visit Career Services for career ideas about what you can do with specific majors.
  5. Consider engaging a professional career mentor through the ORU Golden Hire Network.
  6. Search for internships in your areas of interest for the upcoming semester(s) or during the summer to better define your career goals.
  7. Develop your resume
    • Make an appointment with the Career Services for a one-on-one resume review.
  8. Attend the Career Expos held on-campus each semester to gather information and possibly apply for part-time jobs, internships, and summer positions.
  9. Visit the Golden Hire Network to view the online job network for internships and off-campus opportunities with ORU-networked employers.

Juniors - Real World Prep

  1. Choose elective courses (as permitted by your major/minor choices) that will best facilitate your personal career goal.
  2. Consider applying for the Graduate Fast Track Program if you intend to obtain your master's at ORU in business, education, or theology.
  3. Explore various ways to engage in your areas of study as a real-world professional.
  4. Seek out an internship or part-time job opportunity (possibly for course credit).
  5. Update/Develop your resume
    • Make an appointment with ORU Career Services for a one-on-one resume review.
  6. Attend Career Expos held each semester to apply for a part-time job, internship, and summer positions.
  7. Make an appointment with Career Services staff for a one-on-one evaluation of your career goals.
  8. Consider graduate school options and begin research on graduate programs. Career Services offers various materials for your review.
  9. Begin applying to the graduate programs of your choice (as desired for your career success).
  10. Begin researching what type of companies/industries in which you would like to work.

Seniors - Career Launch!

  1. Finalize your graduate school applications (if applying).
  2. Confirm that you are on the right track to graduate with the Registrar's Office.
  3. Make sure you will be dressed for success and plan your interview attire for upcoming interviews.
  4. Update your resume:
    • Make an appointment at ORU Career Services for a one-on-one resume review.
    • Post your resume on the ORU Golden Hire Network. Submit to our Resume Book for viewing by more than 3,300 employers networked through ORU.
  5. Participate in a Mock Interview offered the week before the Fall and Spring Career Expos during Career Week.
  6. Many company/industry recruitment cycles start in the fall for positions that begin the following spring - start interviewing early!
  7. Attend the Career Expos held on-campus each semester.
    • Network, network, network!
  8. Watch the on-campus interview schedule (posted online in the LCD screens around campus, and on easels on the 3rd floor of the GC) for companies coming on-campus to interview ORU students.
    • This is the easiest interview opportunity you will ever land!
  9. Fully utilize the website's various employment search engines and tools.