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Who you know can sometimes become a vital part in finding and landing a job. Networking is connecting with other people who have similar interests. It's creating those friendships and alliances that have the potential to help you greatly on your search for the perfect job.

Networking introduces you to a new level of job searching. Many people you find in your network may know about job opprtunities you didn't know existed. They may also be familiar with information you were unfamiliar with.

Networking can begin with close friends, family, even professors, community involvement and progress from there. But it is not about getting the job; it is about obtaining information.

Here are a list of people to consider talking with, you never know who they know!

  1. Friends, colleagues and associates (include family friendships)
  2. Relatives and neighbors
  3. Professors and past teachers
  4. Club members and Online social networks
  5. Alumni- FacePlace
  6. Past employers and co-workers
  7. Professionals: doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, bankers, brokers, accountants, consultants, financial advisors, and real estate agents
  8. Members of professional organizations or trade associations, co-participants in seminars or workshops
  9. People with whom you have worked in community, school, or religious activities
  10. People you know through the activities of either your friends or members of your family
  11. Owners of small businesses, especially those with whom you do business
  12. People who normally take an interest in problem solving: politicians, public officials, business and community leaders, event sponsors and fundraisers

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