Choosing a Major

At ORU, we believe in educating the whole person - mind, body and spirit. The process of making a career plan falls into this "whole person" education.

Choosing a career is a vital life decision. Future career plans begin before you enter college as you start to think about what you'd like to get a degree in.

To aid in this process, we’ve provided the tools below:

Once you select your major, click here to see a list of majors offered at ORU.


Self Assessment

ORU Career Services offers CareerBeam, a self assessment test, to all incoming students as part of the required university curriculum. This self assessment helps you take a look at who you are today. CareerBeam's unique career assessment tools factor in your values, temperament, interests and personality to help you develop — and achieve — career goals. The information given in the assessment can assist you in making informed academic and career choices. This assessment can be accompanied by a follow-up consultation with one of our career counselors for further insight into the results.

If you have not taken this test as an incoming student or would like to retake it, please contact our office. Be aware that if you have taken it in the past and would like to take it again, statistically, your preferences will only show significant change after at least two years between each time taking this test.

You can read more about the CareerBeam Self Assessment Test by clicking here.

CareerBeam offers not only self assessment tools, but also all of the following resources for ORU students and Alumni:

  • Information on millions of companies
  • Research on hundreds of industries
  • Preparation for interviews and beyond
  • Job postings
  • Assistance creating professional resumes and cover letters
  • Networking & social media tips

To take the CareerBeam Analysis, please call us at 918.495.6912 or stop by our offices on LRC 5.


Career Search

Knowing what career to choose can often be a daunting task. In addition to the CareerBeam system we offer the following resources to help you discover what career might be best for you, we provide access to databases of occupational titles, wages, and industries.

Select the one you want to begin searching from the links below. Once you have found a few options that interest you, or you would like assistance in narrowing your search, please contact us to see a counselor who can help you discover your perfect fit. is a great tool that will assist you in deciding on a major that could land you your dream job!


Degree Search

One reason you attend college is to get a degree that will prepare you for a successful future. The best place to start finding the right degree is to first find the right career. Through our Self Assessment test, follow-up consultations, and career search resources, Career Services can help you connect to the degree that fits you best. As you search for the right degree, consider talking with your current adviser, visiting with faculty in the department that interests you, and contacting Career Services to meet with a Career Consultant. These steps will give you a well rounded perspective of what to expect with a degree from a certain area.

Another step is to visit the following sites and review the degrees that are available to you. The Princeton Review and the College Board give you, the student, the chance to discover more about the major you desire, as well as providing you with quizzes and articles to help you determine your ideal degree path.


To schedule an appointment to get help in any of these areas, please call us at 918.495.6912, email us at, or stop by our offices on LRC 5.