Annual CSC/Math Department Launch

Thanks to everyone that helped make this year's CSC Math Department Launch "The Odd Olympics" a great success!

On Saturday over 30 faculty and faculty family members had a great time at this year's event. It was a good time for our majors to get better acquainted with each other and the department faculty.

The fun began with "Hug Tag" where everyone walked around until a number was called out then they bunched into a group of that number of people each time until there was only one person left. Then the real games began. Everyone divided into two countries and made up a name for their country. They also made their own country flags. One of the countries was Canaidia. The other was the Land of Domininz. Then the games official started with "odd" Olympic events like "Back Scratchers." (One member of each team drew a picture they were shown on the back of the person in front of them and so on down the line then the last person drew that picture on paper. It was very interesting seeing what the picture ended up looking like at the end.) My personal favorite event was "Pop Goes the Weasel." (Each person on the team was given a balloon to sit on and pop. The team that popped all of their balloons first won.)

I am pleased to announce that Canaidia took the gold medal in the "Back Scratcher" event and the Land of Domininz was awarded the silver medal! The gold medal winner in the "Pop Goes the Weasel" event was the Land of Domininz and Canaidia took the silver. What exciting, nail biting events!

We had great food, good weather and the new gazebo made a perfect place for our event this year.

ORU Engineering and Physics Hosts the Third Annual Lego Robotics Competition

On April 25, 2009 the ORU Engineering and Physics Dept. together with the ORU ASME Student Section hosted the annual Lego competition for area schools. This year the winning team was Metro Christian Academy and a team from Union received the second place award. The students had to program the robot to follow a curved track using light sensors connected to the Lego robot. Schools in the Tulsa area can borrow one of our Lego Mindstorms kits during a couple of months each spring semester. Please let us know of any schools that would be interested in the 2010 competition.

ASME Student Professional Development Conference

Eleven students from ORU Engineering and Physics participated in the annual ASME Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC). This year 2009 the conference was hosted by University of Texas at Arlington on April 17-18.

Sean Estes won the Old Guard Poster Competition with his poster titled "The Development of a Small-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" and Jennifer Luth received second place with her poster "Remote-Controlled Robot with Ramp for Rock Retrieval".

ORU Engineering and Physics will host this conference during spring next year 2010.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Poster
Remote-Controlled Robot Poster

ORU Engineering Students Fly a High-Altitude Balloon

Five engineering student flew a high-altitude balloon on February 21, 2009 together with a student from Taylor University, IN and a representative from Stratostar Systems. The ORU students were Jonathan Luth, Brian Ostling, Nathan Pease, Kevin Stark, and Aaron Wilbur. The flight started in Perkins and the balloon landed south of Stroud. Measurements can be made of different parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity. Photographs can be taken together with video recordings during flight. The launching and recovery of a high-altitude balloon is an exciting experience for everyone involved and a perfect tool for outreach to schools in the Tulsa area. The Engineering and Physics Dept. is currently looking for funding to purchase a $10,000 kit from Stratostar Systems and any contribution would be highly appreciated.

Soap Box Derby 2008

Five students from ORU Engineering and Physics participated in the Sand Springs Soap Box Derby Race during Fall 2008. The students were Mithun Abraham, Zachary Proud, William Wagener, Kyle Sabourin, and Salmon Riaz.