Personal Services Policy

Under ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a post secondary institution is not required to provide accommodations that would be considered personal services.

The following services are not available through the Office of Student Resources; however, several of the services are available through other campus resources. Please click through to those areas for more information on how they may be of assistance.

1. Transportation to campus or classes
2. Tutoring (available through the APA program)
3. Typing, writing, or proofing papers (typing services are available at the Business Center on LRC 3) 
4. Personal Aides and Mobility Aides (including wheelchairs) 
5 Assisting in personal matters 
6. Assisting with personal clothing 
7. Psychological Counseling (available at Counseling Services on LRC 5) 
8. Personal assistive technology for home use 
9. Assisting with personal hygiene (catheter bags, etc.) 
10. Administering medicine and storing of medical supplies (i.e. oxygen tanks, etc.). (Please contact Health Services at 918.495.6341 to discuss options that may be available through their office.)

Please note: The above list is not exhaustive but represents the most frequently requested personal services not available through the Office of Student Resources at this time. Please feel free to contact our office at 918.495.7018 with questions about a specific service not listed above.