Flexibility Accomodation

Attendance and/or Assignment Due Date

Students who seek to utilize an approved accommodation of flexibility with attendance and/or assignment due dates must follow these policies and procedures:

  • Review course syllabus (attendance/late assignments/exam make-up policies) with your instructors.
  • Schedule a “Flexibility Analysis Appointment” with the Director of Student Resources (thbellatti@oru.edu) if you require additional flexibility (exceptions) to the stated course syllabus policies.
  • Class attendance is mandatory at Oral Roberts University. In many cases, attendance is fundamental to the course requirements. A percentage of a student's final grade may be determined by a student's ability to:
    1. interact with others in the class,
    2. demonstrate the ability to think and argue critically,
    3. critique a class member's work, or
    4. participate in group project.

    In any of these cases a faculty member may determine that they cannot provide the degree of flexibility sought by the student.

  • Faculty is not required to do make-up labs or classes for a student with a disability who misses lab or class unless make-ups are permitted for other students as well.
  • Faculty is not obligated to re-teach material missed due to not attending class.
  • Faculty determines the degree of flexibility regarding assignments, as well as makeup policies.
  • The accommodation of flexibility for extension of assignment due dates is meant to provide periodic flexibility, if possible, when this flexibility does not compromise the fundamental requirements of the course.
  • Not every assignment or course component can be provided an extension.
  • If an exacerbation of your condition occurs towards the end of the semester, you will need to contact the Director of Student Resources (thbellatti@oru.edu) immediately to discuss what options may be available to complete your courses. These options need to be considered individually, with the option of an "I" (incomplete) grade being given.