Are the lifts located around campus able to be used to move equipment?

  • No, ADA regulations and the regulations mandated through the companies that install the lifts do not allow anyone using the lifts other than students, faculty, staff and guests that are disabled.

How do I change my major?

  • Complete a Change of Major form, which you can pick up in the Registrars Office. Consult with your new major advisor and then turn in the form to the Registrars Office.

Why does the CAC have to create my schedule?

  • All new students are advised by the Comprehensive Advisement Center (CAC) for their first semester. Once on campus, all following schedule adjustments will be handled by your major department. If your major is "Exploratory" then the CAC we advise you until you either choose a major or start your second year. Students in the Bridge program will be advised by the CAC until you have completed the Bridge program and have chosen a major.

How do I find out who my advisor is?

  • The Comprehensive Advisement Center (CAC) sets the first schedule for all new students. Once on campus, students will go to their declared major department for any further schedule changes and advisement. The CAC will continue to advise those students that are on the Bridge Program and those freshmen whose major is declared as Exploratory.

Where can I get a degree plan sheet?

  • Degree Plan Sheets can be found in the Comprehensive Advisement Center (CAC) or in your major department.

Where do I get a petition for policy exception?

  • A Petition for Policy Exception can be obtained in the Registrar's Office, which is located on GC 2 1/2 East.

Directions to ORU

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How do I sign up for the ACT?

Call the Comprehensive Advisement Center at (918) 495-7018 to register for one of the scheduled Residual ACT dates. Click on the link below to see the Residual testing times for 2007-2008.

Residual ACT

For more information regarding the National Test and for assistance in test preparation and guidelines go to http://www.actstudent.org/.

I had Disability Services at my previous school, how do I get them started at ORU?

I had Disability Services at my previous school, how do I get them started at ORU?

All students wanting Disability Services must first self identify themselves. You can do that by calling the Comprehensive Advisement Center (CAC) at (918) 495-7018 to make an appointment. Then complete the form below and bring it to your scheduled appointment.