Accessing Disability Services

The Office of Student Resources makes every effort to ensure ease of access for all students registering with Disability Services.

Registering is a two-step process as listed below:

1. Documentation of Diagnosis

Have your diagnosing health professional complete the Documentation of Diagnosis form. Because diagnosis is unique to each student, please contact us for more information regarding adequate documentation.

If your diagnosis may prevent you from fulfilling course requirements in any Health and Physical Education class, then have your physician complete HPE Activity form

2. Intake interview

The primary purpose of this meeting is to further discuss the student’s needs and come into agreement on the accommodations necessary for the student’s academic success.

Another equally important purpose of the meeting is for the student to form a reciprocal relationship with the director.

At this meeting, the student will also be asked to complete an Intake Interview Form, a Release of Information, and a Temporary Accommodation Agreement (if applicable).  A student may print and complete these forms and bring them to the meeting.  

Accommodation Letters

Accommodation Letters are prepared for a student based upon the results of the Intake Interview.  To assist in the production of the letters, the student should provide the Disability Services Director a list of courses and instructors.  The director and the student will complete the letters and the individual accommodations will be discussed. The student will then deliver their letters to faculty and initiate discussion with them about how to best implement the accommodations. Accommodation letters cannot be used retroactively, and updated letters must be created and delivered each semester if services are required. They must also be delivered and discussed in a timely manner to provide adequate notice to faculty.

Contact us with questions or for more information at:

Phone: 918.495.7018
Email: Director, Tom Bellatti
Office location: LRC 5
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.