Services We Offer

  • Self-Assessment
    Career Services offers an online self-assessment through Career Beam, in which students learn about their personalities, skills, and interests. Students are required to take this assessment during their first year at ORU.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Polishing
    Our staff is available to help your student create a resume or cover letter. We will discuss the different types of resumes, information to include and exclude, and what format to submit them in.
  • Mock Interviews
    Our team offers mock interviews to help our students and alumni succeed when they need it most.
  • Career Fairs
    Career Services hosts two career Fair's annually - one in the fall and one in the spring. Approximately 600 students engage and network with employers regarding different job and internship positions.
  • Golden Hire Network
    Golden Hire Network is an online system that connects our students with the best opportunities around the world.
  • Internship & Volunteer Opportunities
    At ORU we encourage our students to participate in Internships or other volunteer experience. We will meet with your student to assist them in finding an internship or reviewing a current internship offer. For a list of current internships available please click here.
  • Work-Study
    Career Services facilitates all on-campus student employment. If your son or daughter plans to search for a work-study job, please send them to campus with original identification. If you would like to view our current openings please view or student page by clicking here.