Victory Bible College

  • VBC students must meet ORU’s minimum academic and admissions requirements to be considered for admission.
  • VBC offers 18 credit hours that are eligible for transfer to ORU under the current matrix.
  • Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will transfer. Remedial and developmental courses will not transfer.
  • Adult learners may receive up to 30 hours of credit for knowledge gained through non-college courses, on-the-job training, or personal studies. This is in addition to the maximum 18 hours transferred from VBC.
  • Once students matriculate at ORU, additional coursework cannot be taken at VBC and transferred into ORU for credit.
  • The following VBC courses have been clustered together to meet the requirements of an equivalent ORU course and may be transferred into ORU:
    Victory Bible College ORU Equivalent Hours
    New Testament I AND II, AND either Acts or Romans BLIT 120 Survey of NT Literature 3
    Old Testament I AND II, AND Bible Covenants BLIT 110 Survey of OT Literature 3
    Preaching & Communication, AND Preaching Lab I AND II COM 101 Oral Communication OR CHRM 340 Sermon Preparation & Preaching 3
    Charismatic Foundations, AND Foundations of Faith, AND Divine Healing THE 103 Spirit- Empowered Living 3
    Church Administration, AND Foundations of Ministry, AND Hermeneutics CHRM 460 Church Administration 3
    Cross Cultural Relationships, AND Advanced Kingdom Missiology, AND Team Dynamics & Outreach MISS 999 Elective 3
      Total Possible 18