Rhema Bible College

  • Only courses from Rhema's first and second year core classes will be considered for transfer.
  • The MOU is effective for students matriculated in fall 2014 or after, regardless of dates of attendence at Rhema Bible Training Center.
  • Courses on the matrix can only be used once  for each transfer evalutaion (e.g., if Bible Interpretation is used for Survey of Old Testament, it cannot be used to recieve credit for Survey of New Testament).
  • Students no longer recieve additional hours for general elective credit.

 The course matrix that follows desginates the specific course cluster that will transfer.

  • Rhema Bible Training Center ORU Equivalent Hours

    Old Testament Survey (required for cluster) AND

    The Old Testament People of Faith/ Men of Faith AND

    Bible Interpretation

    Survey of Old Testament Literature 3

    New Testament Survey (required for cluster) And

    The Gospel of John AND

    Ephesians OR Acts

    Survey of New Testament Literature

    (BLIT 120)


    Pentacostal and/or Charismatic Perspectives (one of which is required for cluster) AND

    The Holy Spirit AND

    Christ, the Healer

    Spirit-Empowered Living

    (THE 103)


    Bible Doctrines I AND

    Bible Doctrines II AND

    Doctrine of the CHurch

    Introduction to Theology

    (THE 299)


    Total Possible