Registrar Staff

Phone: 918.495.6549
Fax: 918.495.6607

Staff Member Contact Information Areas of Responsibility


  • Processes residential undergrad course schedule change requests
  • Processes curriculum change proposals
  • Catalog updates
  • Committee service
  • FERPA Compliance Officer
  • Primary contact for faculty and academic staff
  • Enforces compliance with academic policy as stated in University catalog 
  • Awards degrees for residential undergrad students

Carole Decean

Department Secretary


PH: 495.7967

  • Processes online ePetitions (course withdrawals, change of major or concentration/change of minor, drop without recording) and monitors ARGOS for stalled petition
  • Answers general questions regarding policy and procedure
  • Monitors and responds to office phone calls and phone messages
  • Oversees student worker job training and performance
  • Processes enrollment adjustment forms
  • Oversees and maintains department file room 
  • Processes duplicate diploma requests
  • Oversees the office supply orders and responsible for submitting work orders when necessary for the printer/carpenter work etc. 
  • Other duties as assigned by the registrar

Brandon Collins
Associate Registrar


PH: 495.6226

  • Management of Office
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Non-traditional credits
  • HLC Additional Locations 
  • Prior Learning credits 
  • ORU Bible Institute
  • Maintenance of Articulation tables 
  • Prints Diplomas

 Christine Welden

 Assistant Registrar

VA School Certifying Official

PH: 495.6205

  • Veteran credentialing, federal reporting, and state auditing 
  • Online & Graduate program course schedule change requests
  • Performs degree audits for Graduate students
  • Reviews all requests for readmission
  • Primary contact for students who have been gone longer than 4 years for return
  • Certifies degrees for graduate students
  • Reviews HPE Progress on all residential undergraduate students at the end of each semester.
Mary Lockhart
Assistant Registrar - Operations

PH: 495.6952

  • Evaluates transcripts for posting of transfer credit
  • Honors contracts
  • End-of-term processes 
  • Maintains HPE credit progress 
  • Posting of Grades 
  • Academic Standing (probation, suspension)
  • Posts credit from Study Abroad experiences on student records
  • Processes enrollment verification requests
  • ORU transcript requests
  • Oversees electronic transcript request process 
  • Building out transfer articulation tables in BANNER
  • Monitors transcript processing for residential and online

Caitlin Lambert
Graduation Certification Specialist

PH: 495.6916


  • Runs and evaluates audits on ALL undergrad graduating seniors and requested audits on juniors to assess remaining credits required for graduation
  • Certifies all graduating seniors for confirmation of completion of required credits
  • Processes course substitution requests and waivers of requirements
 Roberta Allen

Compliance and Data Coordinator


PH: 495.6711


  • Oversees the process of Title IV reporting of enrollment and graduation status of all students for federal compliance
  • Communicates/collaborates with Clearinghouse and NSLDS
  • Maintains internal audits for increased compliance