Housing FAQs

Room Selection FAQs

How many times can I go through the process to make sure I get the room I want?

You are only allowed to go through the room selection process and confirm a room one time.  Rooms not confirmed within the 15 minute time allotted are released back to the available room pool. Once the process is complete, the room is locked.  If a student wishes to select a different room after confirming their initial choice, he/she can request to have their application reset one time between June 12th and June 30th.  After the application reset period has ended, students who wish to change rooms may go through the "open room change" process August 24-25 depending on where they would like to move it.  For further information please contact the Housing Office directly.

I don't have a specific roommate in mind for next year.  Will housing assign me one at random?

No.  Housing does not assign rooms to anyone other than student leaders and student athletes whose rooms are designated by their program leaders and coaches.  You may select your space and take your chances with a roommate who selects the other space in the room OR you can use the Roommate Pull-In function. In order to pull-in a roommate, you will need to know their ORU e-mail address to search for them AND once found you will need the 6-character PIN they created during the Housing Application process.  Roommates can be pulled-in at any time after you have selected a room space, provided the other space is still available to be assigned/selected. 

How do I know if a room is a double, private, or a suite?

Only residence halls and rooms that are available to you will appear in the rooms list and on the floor maps.  On the room list, the room type will have a suffix of DBL (Double), PRV (Private), or STE (Suite).  On the floor maps, rooms with 2 BEDs present are double rooms, 1 bed is a private room. On the 7th floor of Claudius and EMR are where the suites are located. Click on a green bed and it will give you the details about the room and rate.  Look for STE for a suite.  

Are there any rooms that have private bathrooms?

Floors 1 and 2 in Gabrielle are the only rooms on campus with private bathrooms. Please refer to the Rate Table for the per semester charges for all rooms.

I'm over 25 and a graduate student.  Is there on-campus housing available for me?

Students who are over the age of 25, a graduate student, or a part-time student can be granted an exception to live on campus.  You will be required to submit a Petition for Policy Exception  and be approved to live on campus PRIOR to participating in the online room selection process. Students who fall into one of these categories can select a room on one of the designated wings for non-traditional students Frances 11, Gabrielle 1-Lower, or Gabrielle 2-Lower.

I am a displaced student but I missed my selection time.  Can I still select a room anywhere on campus?

Once the date has passed for a specific selection period, you lose the priority of that selection period and must select during the next selection period (i.e. if you are a displaced student, you lose your displaced status after March 5th).

I'm an athlete/student leader and my room is being assigned by my coach/program director.  What else do I need to do to secure my housing?

All students must complete an online application regardless of selection status. Even if your room is assigned through your status as an athlete or student leader, housing can not make assignments until the appropriate Housing application has been completed and the Housing Terms and Conditions are agreed to. This year there will be specific applications for Student Leaders and Athletes so please be sure to complete the appropriate one.  Athletes who are new to ORU for the 2017-2018 academic year will also need to pay the one-time $200 Enrollment Fee* (the enrollment fee is waived for full scholarship athletes).

I have selected a room and a meal plan already.  Why aren't they showing up in VISION?

Rooms and meal plans should appear by May 1st.   Room and board charges for Fall 2017 will not show up as complete in VISION until approximately July 1st.  To further review your room/board status for the 2017-2018 academic year, login to VISION >> Select Housing tab >> Housing Forms >> Room and Meal Plan Selection info.  If the info is not there, please go back to the Room Selection step.  If you are able to access the link to select a room, you did not complete the room selection process the first time.  You must click "FINISH" to complete the process.

What will happen if I don't agree to the Housing Terms and Conditions?

You must first agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement before you can proceed to the room selection step.  Even after you agree to them, there might be a slight delay while the system processes your record and updates your application status.  If you have questions about any of the items included in the Terms and Conditions, please contact the Housing Office at (918) 495-7711

I'm an Honor's student and want to live on an Honor's floor.  Can I do that online or do I have to go through Housing to get my room?

Honor's students can select a room on one of the Honor's floors according to the same room selection schedule. In order to select a room on an Honor's floor, you must be an Honor's student. If you are an Honor's student but the Honor's floors are not appearing, please contact Admissions to make sure your status as an Honor's student has been updated. If you are a student who currently lives on an Honor's floor and wish to stay on that floor, you are able to retain your same room. If you are a non-Honor's student wishing to select a room on an Honor's floor, please contact the Housing Office at (918) 495-7711.  

I am a student athlete/student leader.  How will I know my room has been assigned by Housing?

After a student athlete or student leader has completed the application process and updated their meal plan preferences in the application, housing will begin to assign rooms. To further review your room/board status for the 2017-2018 academic year, login to VISION >> Select Housing tab >> Housing Forms >> Room and Meal Plan Selection info. and it will show you your room selection, meal plan selection, and any, if applicable, roommate info.

I am a student athlete but would like to live somewhere other than the block of rooms reserved for my team.  How do I select a room?

Athletes wishing to live outside of the designated block of rooms for their team must get permission to do so from their coach. The coach must send an e-mail to housing@oru.edu allowing the student to live in a room other than the designated rooms. Once permission is received by housing, an adjustment will be made to the student's housing application which will allow the student to select a room through the general room selection process.  You must complete the online application portion first before this adjustment can be made.

How do I get my deposit back?

When you have completed your time at ORU, either through graduation or withdrawal, you can request a refund of your housing deposit by completing the Housing Deposit Refund Request form. Log in to the online housing portal, click on the "HOUSING FORMS" link and then the Deposit Refund request link and complete the form.  All forms are submitted electronically for processing and this should speed up the processing time for housing and student accounts. Your account must be clear before your deposit can be refunded. It is important that student accounts has a good forwarding address for you. Requests will be processed approximately 30 days after the last day of the semester.  Students have up until 90 days after their last date of attendance to submit the Refund Request.  Please note, if you are canceling your housing during the period covered by your housing agreement, you may not be eligible for a deposit refund. NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2015, new students do not pay a true Housing deposit.  Instead they are required to pay a one-time $200 enrollment fee which is non-refundable.