Contact Housing


Brandon Almeida, Director 918.495.7711
Emily Freel,  Assistant Director 918.495.7711
Residence Hall Front Desks   
Claudius Roberts Hall 918.495.7715
Ellis Melvin Roberts Hall (EMR) 918.495.7716
Gabrielle Christian Salem Hall 918.495.7718
Towers 918.495.7717
      Frances Cardone Hall  
      Susie Vinson Hall  
      Susie North Hall  
Michael Cardone  918.495.6094

The entire housing staff looks forward to being able to answer any questions you may have about ORU Housing or the online room selection process. You can also get important Housing information and updates on our Facebook page or can direct written questions via e-mail to  The Housing Office is located in LRC 2W in the Student Life area.