UPRISE is a weekly bible study and fellowship which holds at the International Center on Saturdays from 8:00pm to 9:30pm. UPRISE serves as a spirirtual fotress for international and local students alike. UPRISE has a minimum of 5 nations represented at every meeting. Attendance also ranges from 25 to 50 students at every meeting.


Vision: To stay in renewed pursuit of our God given destiny all through our stay in ORU


Goals and Objectives:

1.       For All-Round Spiritual Growth

2.       To Stamp out Spiritual Laxity all through our stay here in ORU

3.       To Unite students from every part of the globe on a spiritual platform

4.       To enjoy the diversity of worship experienced in the different cultures across the earth

5.       To form long-lasting friendships that would break cultural & continental barriers


Tools for achieving these goals include (but are not limited to);

1.       Worship & Praise (Psalms 34:1)

2.       Bible Study (1Peter 2:2)

3.       Prayers (fasting if necessary) (Hebrews4:16)

4.       Other Spiritual Gifts & Ministration (such as Drama, Dance, e.t.c)


Refreshments are served after every meeting.


For more information contact,


Oluwatosin Noiki