Whole Person Assessment


ORU's Whole Person Assessment: Winner of the CHEA AWARD

CHEA is the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the "Accreditor of the Accreditors." This award is the highest award possible for an assessment program in Higher Education.

  • The 2nd Floor (GC) Academic Computing Lab (8 am - 10:30 pm most days)
  • Email the ORU ePortfolio Help Line at eportfolio@oru.edu
  • Call the ORU ePortfolio Help Line 918.495.7356
  • Your APA or ADD. Ask about the One-2-One tutoring program (the P.A.C.E. program P.A.C.E. Tutoring Link).

Submitting Assignments

Students are required to submit assignments to faculty members who then assess the work using the electronic based rubrics that interface online with the assignments.  Students will receive specific assessment feedback and advisement on areas where improvement is needed to achieve the outcome for each assignment submitted.

Each undergraduate student creates a minimum of two ePortfolios, one for general education one for the major.

Students can see their WPA scores in the same manner that they access grades on VISION.

Quest Whole Person Scholarships

Each year, more than 300 students receive the ORU Quest Whole Person Scholarship. A freshman or transfer student can be nominated by a school, church or community leader or a member of the ORU faculty, staff or alumni. Nominees who are selected are invited to campus for a Scholarship Day Competition, where they are tested and also interviewed by faculty members. The results are evaluated and scholarship awards determined. All participants receive scholarship awards in varying amounts.

To maintain one’s scholarship, it is necessary to keep one’s Whole Person Assessment (WPA) score from ePortfolio evaluations at or above 3.0. Full-tuition scholarship winners must maintain a score of at least 3.5.